I’m so smart

I’m so smart I can bike down a ramp.🚲 Bicycle Emoji
I’m so smart I mountain biked at an early age.
I’m so smart I can ski the cut on Grouse Mountain. ⛷️ Skier Emoji
I’m so smart I can dogsled.  American Girl Other | Discontinued Coconut Dog Sled | Poshmark
I’m so smart I have a good memory.
I’m so smart I know geography.  National Park Emoji for Facebook, Email & SMS | ID#: 550 | Emoji.co.uk
I’m so smart I know maps.
I’m so smart I play basketball and soccer. Basketball Boy Emoji " Poster by HippoEmo | Redbubble
I’m so smart I am good at math.
And I’m so smart, I wrote this poem.
By Travis Tyler

Funny People in my Family

I think everyone in my Family are funny. My brother, Kyle, likes to read out loud joke books to us. We all like the knock, knock jokes. I see my Dad making funny faces sometimes. Both my parents like singing out loud songs from the radio in the car. I sing them too sometimes. My Mom also likes to dance around the house. I enjoy dancing with her too. Sometimes when I try and correct something said by someone in my Family, they laugh, because I am serous in responding with starting the first word as, “Actually!” That makes me feel good cause they also say, “Good point and that’s right Travis.”

Knock Knock Jokes For Your Summer of Smiles | Welch Dental GroupFunny Giraffe Jokes and Puns – Will make you and the kids laugh!


I Love Summer

I love the summer because I get to ride my bike lots. I also like it with the sun out most of the time. Sometimes during the summer, I go on road trips or camping trips with my Family.

I look forward to going to our summer cabin in Point Roberts, Washington State USA. There I ride my bike around lots, go to the beach to explore pools on the sandbars and skip rocks, hike, go to the park and play bingo there on Fridays. Hopefully the border will be open soon. Covid-19 closed the border to most travelers.

Even if we do not get to go to our cabin, we will figure out other fun things to do. So much to explore in our own backyard and province.

Hope you have a wonderful summer too!

Point Roberts Loop: Cycling a Forgotten Piece of the USA

Point Roberts, Washington State USA- fun place for biking and exploring the beach.


My Culture and How I Feel About It

My culture background is mostly Canadian, but some English, Italian, Scottish and Irish too. 
I am proud and happy for my Canadian Culture. I love our land with the mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, and space of land. Plus I really like our maple leaf flag and our highway roads. When we celebrate Canada Day, I wear red and white and wave our flag around.

My Papa, my Mom’s Dad, is from England. My Papa moved to Canada to join the Canadian Navy when he was in 18yrs old. 
I went to England last year with my Family and met my Mom’s Nana, we call, “Great Precious Nana.” She lives in a beautiful cottage by the sea. I loved riding bikes with my Family all around there and other parts of England. I really like their pastries and cheese made there. I am a big fan of cheese. My favorite was seeing and going on the London Eye.


My Grandma, who is my Mom’s Mom, was born in Quebec during the II World War. My Grandma’s Dad, we called, “Great Papa,” was stationed in Quebec during the War. But his Family and his wife’s Family were originally from Italy. I would love to go to their small village, called, Tavagnasco Italy, someday to ride around near the Alps. I do love eating pizza and spaghetti. My Grandma when she was alive would make us polenta which I like. My Mom just doesn’t make it the same.
On my Dad’s side of the Family, my Brother and I are 7th generation Canadians. My Dad’s parents do have ancestors from Scotland, England and Ireland. 
I am very happy with my Heritage and really enjoy every day being Canadian.

My Mother’s Day Weekend

Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day. I sure did.

Mother’s Day weekend my Family and I went bike riding in Stanley Park. The road was closed for vehicles and only open for cycling. It was a lot of fun.

We also put a tarp on our trampoline. Then we sprayed water on the tarp so we could jump on the trampoline with water. It was cool and cold. Lots of fun to play in the water splashing and making pools.

I made this for my Mom who I love 💕 so much.


What Do You See Out A Window At Home

I like looking out my back deck window of my house. Here is a list and picture of what I see out my back deck window of my house.

– Neighbours workshop (brown)

– Fort my Dad is building (orange with purple door)

– clothes line (grey)

– steps down the deck (brow)

– deck gate (pink)

– wind chime (pink)

– chairs and table

– barbecue (black and grey)

– strawberry planter (red)

– trampoline with basketball hoop and ball

– dogwood tree

– neighbours detached garage

– hedge

– blackberry bush (brown)



My favourite animal

Giraffes are my favourite animal. I just really like them with their long necks. I learned that giraffes only need to drink once every few weeks. They can run as fast as around 56.32 km an hour over a short distance. Long distance they can run at 10mph. That is really fast. I liked to be fast like giraffes.